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2017-2018 Washtenaw RC Raceway LLC track and points series Classes and rules.

We use the ROAR rules as a guideline for the foundation of our track’s rules. However we do have some changes that are specific to our track. They are detailed below. All questions about the rules should be directed to David Ferris the Track Owner.

Summary of the WRCR specific rules.

You must cross the scoring loop otherwise your lap may not be counted. Revisions to the official race results posted from RC Scoring pro will only be made to correct a computer issue. For example a House transponder battery, dies mid race.

Hard case Lipo's strongly suggested. They do not have to be ROAR approved. If you only have a soft case LIPO please bring it to the pit owners pit for a safety inspection before running it. We have a 2 cell battery voltage limit (7.4 volt nominal)

All stock classes are 17.5 brushless or 27t brushed 2s lipo (8.4v max). The timing on the motor may be adjusted by the racer. However the speed control must be set to binky mode (No timing advance on the speed control).

Stadium truck is limited to 13.5 with timing allowed on the ESC, 2s is the battery limit.

All Open classes 4wd buggy 2wd Sct. have a 2s lipo (8.4 volt) limit.
End of the year trophy rules. Trophies are awarded to the top 3 points positions for the classes that have 5 or more entries for 5 points races.

Novice class,
You will be required to move up to your appropriate class after 3 "A" main wins. Also if you run lap times that would place you mid pack in the "A" main of your appropriate class you will be asked to move up to the appropriate class. In the name of good sportsmanship.

King of the hill,
Open to ANY 1/10 scale 2wd truck, buggy or SCT. NO 4wd buggies, NO 4wd SCT. This is a add on class the entry fee is $3. You must have the car entered in one of the 2wd classes. It will be 3 heat races of 4 min. the racer with the best combined laps/overall time after the 3rd heat wins the prize of a few 100 grand candy bars.

Mini Class
This is an open class you can run any 1/14 1/16th or 1/18th scale car or truck. 2s voltage limit applies. Reverse is allowed in this class, No motor limit.

This class is for Traxxas Stampede’s 2s voltage limit. It is an open class no motor limit. However the required tires are v shaped Monster Truck tire tread pattern, reverse is allowed in this class.

Stock 2wd Buggy,
This is binky 17.5 brushless or 27 turn brushed. 2s Voltage limit the speed control must be locked at 0 deg timing.

Stock SCT,
This is binky 17.5 brushless or 27 turn brushed. 2s Voltage limit the speed control must be locked at 0 deg timing. There is not a limit on how much of the body can be cut out for air flow. The fenders however MUST cover the wheels. Tires and wheels must be SCT ones not 1/8th scale tires and or wheels.

4x4 SCT,
This is an open class the battery limit is 2s voltage. No motor limit the body can be cut for air flow but the fenders must cover the tires.

Stadium Truck,
2s voltage limit 13.5 is the motor limit blinky ESC (no timing on the ESC).

Open 2wd SCT,
2s voltage limit no motor or body limits. The body however must cover the tires.

Revised November 9, 2017